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Haappy Navratri fast Special food Recipes in English, Hindi, Marathi, Images Pictuers

Haappy Navratri fast Special food Recipes – Navratri festival is celebrated all over in India. This year Navratri is coming on 25th September to 3 October, 2014. In few days Navratri is coming and this is the 9th day festival. In north and western India, 9 day fasting or vrat is kept during Navratri Festival Navratri fast Special food Recipes in English, Hindi, Marathi. If you plan to keep fast during this festival then do check this list of Navratri fasting rules and foods. You can be all fruts eaten during Navratri Festival. So you can make Chaats, Juices, milkshake, salad and all milk products are also used in these fasting days and use Singhare ka atta, rajgira ka atta, sabudana, peanuts, kuttu ka atta and arrowroot flour.

Navratri festival, which is called the “GHATSTHAPANA” day, when Gujarati and other community people get ‘Garbo’ at home, which is basically a pot with multiple holes, decorated and nicely colored Navratri fast Special food Recipes in English, Hindi, Marathi. According to Hindu culture this day Maa Amba means Durga comes to our home in the form of ‘Garbo’ and stays with us for next nine days to give blessings.Here we are providing some recipes for the Navratri Festival. All the recipes are without garlic and onion.


Oil for cooking

Rock Salt as our taste (Sendha namak)

½ Cup Sour buttermilk

Falahari Dosa Recipe

½ Cup Sanwa millet (sama)

½ Cup Rajgira Flour

1 tablespoon Green chilli paste

Haappy Navratri fast Special food Recipes


  • First take a sanwa millet clean, wash and soake in enough water at least 2 hours.
  • Drain and blend it in a paste using some water, then transfer the mixture to a bowl and add the rajgira flour, Green chili paste, buttermilk and salt as our taste and mix well.
  • Cover and keep aside to ferment overnight.

Falahari Dosa Recipe

  • Then take non-stick pan heat then pour a ladleful of the butter on the pan and spread it in a circular motion.
  • Smear a little oil along the side
  • Cook well when the dosa make brown colour
  • Your Falahari Dosa Recipe is ready to eat. You can serve this dosa with chutney.




1 cup Sabudana

1 teaspoon Green chili paste

1 large potato

Sabudana Pakoda Recipe

¾ teaspoon cumin seeds

2 teaspoon kuttu ka atta

¼ cup peanuts

Salt as our taste

Haappy Navratri fast Special food Recipes


  • Take a one bowl and soak the sabudana in enough water overnight or maximum 4-5 hours.
  • Drain and keep aside in a mixing bowl.
  • Boil potato and then smash well.
  • Take one pan roast the peanuts and fry till brown colour. Then crush it.
  • Take a bowl put the drained sabudana, green chili paste, peanuts, potato and salt as our taste.
  • This all Ingredients mix well.
  • You can also check the taste means you can add salt or chili if you required.
  • Take a pan or kadai and heat oil.
  • Make some small-small balls with your hands and put in heat oil and fry in medium gas.
  • Deep fry till the Sabudana Pakoda become crisp and brown colour.
  • Drain the pakodas on tissue paper to remove excess oil.
  • Our dish is ready to eat.
  • Serve Sabudana Pakoda Recipe with Dahi or chutney.


We hope you like article of the Navratri fast Special food Recipes in English, Hindi, Marathi and you will make this dish and taste. Enjoy Navratri festival and fast. We wish you all of you to Happy Navratri. This year you can make some different dishes for Navratri Fast. You can also read in Marathi or Hindi supporting with Google.

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